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The occurrences included in the New Brunswick occurrences map do not represent all calls for service in RCMP jurisdiction in New Brunswick. Further breakdown of the numbers provided in the New Brunswick occurrences map is not available. Annual reconciliation of New Brunswick RCMP statistics is provided in the New Brunswick RCMP annual report.

For more information regarding RCMP calls for service in New Brunswick, please see the daily occurrence reports.

Every attempt is made to provide accurate and consistent information; however, statistics and descriptions may be subject to change based on the results of ongoing investigations, file closures, reclassification of files, and other factors.

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Trendline of total occurrences by month

This chart was last updated: 2024-04-18

Total occurrences by month - Last 24 months

Total occurrences by - Last 24 months - Table
Total occurrences by month - Last 24 months
MonthTotal occurrences
May 202213,740
June 202213,881
July 202214,598
August 202214,659
September 202213,694
October 202213,612
November 202211,304
December 202211,274
January 202310,728
February 20239,976
March 202311,673
April 202312,813
May 202314,172
June 202313,825
July 202314,950
August 202314,421
September 202314,209
October 202313,157
November 202312,133
December 202312,650
January 202411,100
February 202411,229
March 202411,964
April 20246,587

Top 10 criminal occurrences

This chart was last updated: 2024-04-18

Top 10 criminal occurrences - Last 24 months

Top 10 criminal occurrences - Table
Top 10 criminal occurrences - Last 24 months
Occurence typeTotal occurrences
Other theft under $50007,886
Mischief - Damage to property6,784
Mischief - Obstruct enjoyment of property6,661
Uttering threats against a person5,383
Disturbing the peace/Causing a disturbance4,967
Fraud (money/property/security) less than or equal to $50003,480
Theft under or equal to $5000 From a motor vehicle3,200
Break and Enter - Residence2,895
Theft under or equal to $5000 - Shoplifting2,806

Top 10 occurrences

This chart was last updated: 2024-04-18

Top 10 occurrences - Last 24 months

Top 10 occurrences - Last 24 months - Table
Top 10 occurrences - Last 24 months
Occurence typeTotal occurrences
Moving Traffic - Speeding Violations - Provincial/Territorial29,603
Other Non-Moving Traffic - Provincial/Territorial17,949
Mental Health Act - Other Activities11,796
Suspicious Person/ Vehicle/ Property11,043
Other Moving Traffic Violations - Provincial/Territorial10,995
Wellbeing Check9,682
False/Abandoned 911 Call9,159
Crime Prevention8,580
Traffic Collision(s) - Property Damage - Reportable7,982
False Alarms7,966

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