Conducting business with the RCMP

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Lobbyists' Code of Conduct
- Office of the Commissioner
of Lobbying of Canada

A professional and non-partisan federal public sector is integral to Canada's democracy. Accordingly, as federal public servants, all RCMP employees must adhere to Treasury Board Secretariat's Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector.

It is the responsibility of every member of the RCMP to avoid any actual, apparent or potential conflict of interest, S. 37(d) RCMP Act.

To avoid an actual, apparent, or potential influence on an RCMP employee's objectivity in carrying out their official duties and responsibilities, RCMP employees must not accept gifts, hospitality, or other benefits from anyone as an inducement or reward that would appear to place them under any obligation to a donor.

Note: Offering, accepting or requesting a gift or valuable as consideration for cooperation, assistance, or an exercise of influence in an RCMP employee's official duties may be a violation of section 120 or 121 of the Criminal Code.
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