The Connected RCMP

Policing in the digital era

With the rapid advances in technology over the years, police are seeing the impact more than ever. It creates new challenges in how police investigate and fight crime, but it also creates exciting new opportunities in how they connect with the public, partners, the communities they serve and with each other.

Police organizations are under pressure to adapt to these rapid and complex technological advances. As the RCMP approaches its 150th anniversary in 2023, it must ensure that it stays modern and constantly evolves.

Transforming the RCMP

We connect to RCMP Digital Policing Strategy

This is why we've created a digital policing strategy, called the Connected RCMP. It's focused on ensuring the organization has the right technology required to deal with the digital era's impacts on policing.

The core of the strategy deals with how we'll use digital services and technology to better and more quickly connect to:

  • the communities we serve
  • the justice, public safety and government partners we work with
  • each other
  • information that is the essence of policing

The goal is to provide an excellent digital experience for all RCMP interactions.

The Digital Policing Strategy aims to:

  • provide new digital tools to enhance public and employee safety and service
  • make better use of data to predict, prevent and fight crime
  • provide new internal channels for information sharing within the RCMP
  • introduce new digital channels for public engagement and service to our partners

Digital Policing Strategy

The Connected RCMP is organized into four themes:

Our communities

Connecting to our communities is about how we serve and protect Canadians. People today expect to communicate digitally and from anywhere. To meet the needs of a modern public, we have to connect with our communities using modern methods. From online crime reporting to smartphone apps, the future of the RCMP is mobile and online.


  • Online crime reporting
  • Next generation 9-1-1

Our partners

The borderless nature of modern crime means that cooperation and communication with partners is more important than ever. Under The Connected RCMP, we'll adopt more efficient digital methods of exchanging information with law enforcement partners and delivering services.


  • Modern electronic disclosure system
  • Online law enforcement portal for collaboration and service delivery

Each other

A modern workplace should be efficient and flexible, allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime. Mobile devices and apps will mean that employees can access RCMP systems no matter where they happen to be, without returning to a detachment or being physically in an office. Our employees will have instant access to key information during critical events, which will increase officer safety.


  • Situational awareness applications
  • Android smartphones
  • Wi-Fi in all RCMP facilities


The RCMP collects and stores large amounts of information. The methods and systems used to do this often vary across the country. Through The Connected RCMP, we'll create better, more efficient processes for collecting, storing and using data to make better policing and business decisions.


  • Modern operational records management system
  • Electronic document management system
  • Digital evidence management

The evolution of the strategy

Just like technology continually evolves, so too must our digital policing strategy. Some of the strategy's elements are aspirational and won't be achieved for a number of years.

We'll update this document annually to keep pace with how new and emerging technologies are shaping policing in the digital era.

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