Consolidation of Pay Services Project

Executive summary

The Transformation of Pay Administration Initiative is part of the Government of Canada's broader effort to transform its aging information technology (IT) system and service delivery, addressing issues raised in the 2010 Report of the Auditor General. The changes to the Government of Canada's pay administration system and services are being led by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). The Transformation of Pay Administration Initiative is comprised of two separate projects: Pay Modernization Project and Consolidation of Pay Services Project.

The goal of the Pay Modernization Project is to replace the 40-year-old Regional Pay System (RPS) with a modern, commercial, off-the-shelf pay system by 2015-2016. Once implemented, the modernized system will establish a platform for more efficient compensation processes. This project will provide a new pay system that will benefit all departments. It will offer extensive Web capabilities for managers and employees of departments using the government-endorsed GC Human Resource Management System (PeopleSoft).

The Consolidation of Pay Services Project will gradually (over a four year period starting in 2012) transfer pay administration services starting with those departments using the Government of Canada Human Resources Management System (PeopleSoft) to a Centre of Expertise (COE) within PWGSC. The objective is to provide more consistent service delivery and continued sustainability of pay services while addressing the high attrition and turnover rates in the compensation community.

The consolidation of pay services from departments and agencies will be accomplished in waves. For Public Service Employee accounts, the RCMP is part of the first group (Wave 1) of departments/agencies to be consolidated and is therefore working towards a phased implementation starting in May 2012 with a planned completion of September 2013.

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