Canadian Police College Process Review: Mandate Letter

February 26, 2016

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Subject: Allegations of harassment and misconduct at the Canadian Police College Explosives - Training Unit

This letter supersedes that of February 23, 2016, in respect of the same subject.

In light of new allegations of harassment and misconduct at the Canadian Police College (CPC) Explosives Training Unit (ETU) that were brought to my attention on February 9, 2016, and additional allegations that were subsequently reported in the media, I am providing the following direction.

To the CO, National Headquarters and CO, National Division:

  • Code of Conduct Investigation: I direct you to participate and assist, as requested, in thoroughly investigating all allegations and actively canvassing for any other misconduct at the CPC ETU that may not yet have been disclosed. I expect you to ensure that the newly ordered investigation will get to the bottom of what was going on in the ETU. The investigation will be undertaken by National Division and overseen by its CO. I have designated the CO, National Division to act as the Conduct Authority in respect of anything arising from such investigation.

To Assistant Commissioner Stephen White, Assistant CHRO:

  • I direct you to lead a multi-disciplinary team that will be charged with conducting several recently initiated reviews including:
  1. The handling and investigation of the initial disclosures commencing in April 2014, including conduct-related decision-making and whether all allegations were properly canvassed (Process Review);
  2. The human resources processes throughout including communication up the chain of command and how the subject members came to work in the same workplace as some of the victims (Human Resource Review); and,
  3. A wellness review of the CPC ETU and CBRNE combined workplace, including ensuring that victims of harassment and misconduct are offered appropriate support (Wellness Review).

A Steering Committee comprised of the CHRO, D/C SPS, CSPPO and the PRO will receive weekly updates from the investigative and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure that the required actions proceed professionally, thoroughly and expeditiously. The Steering Committee will ensure the multi-disciplinary team is properly resourced to meet the review requirement and timeline. I have also invited Mr. Paul Kennedy to act as an independent observer to the work of the multi-disciplinary team and the Steering Committee to assess whether it has been thorough, impartial and professional. I expect Mr. Kennedy to be provided with full access to the Committee and to the multi-disciplinary teams as provided for in his Terms of Reference.

Finally, I direct the Steering Committee to keep me apprised on a regular basis, and no less than biweekly.


Bob Paulson

Distribution list

Deputy Commissioner Dan Dubeau, Chief Human Resources Officer
Deputy Commissioner Peter Henschel, Specialized Policing Services
Assistant Commissioner Craig MacMillan, Professional Responsibility Officer
Assistant Commissioner Stephen White, Assistant Chief Human Resources Officer
Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud, Commanding Officer, National Division
Chief Superintendent Marty Chesser, Commanding Officer, National Headquarters
Ms. Rennie Marcoux, Chief Strategic Policy and Planning Officer

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