Flexible posting agreements

Have you heard? The New Brunswick RCMP recently announced that we are now offering "pre-posting agreements" (now called flexible posting agreements) for New Brunswick applicants to come back home after completing their 6-month Depot training in Regina.

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding these agreements, so here are some of the most common questions (and answers!) to help you on your way to becoming a future Mountie.

Will I get to pick where I want to get posted in New Brunswick?

The short answer is no. A flexible posting agreement only guarantees that you will return to New Brunswick. Cadets will only find out their specific posting location while at Depot, therefore you will still need to remain flexible on where in the province you will be posted.

Do I have to be bilingual (English and French) to receive a flexible posting agreement?

Our Career Development and Resourcing team is continuously assessing our vacancies across the province and will be able to negotiate agreements for individuals with various language capabilities.

When will I get my flexible posting agreement?

If successful in each stage of the RCMP application process, you will receive a flexible posting agreement before heading to the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Are flexible posting agreements only available for new applicants, or does this apply if I am already in the application process?

These agreements are available to anyone who is new or currently in the RCMP application process.

Are flexible posting agreements going to be available forever?

The RCMP is constantly evolving, and there is always potential for change. But yes, our flexible posting agreements are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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