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February 22, 2023
Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

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Approximately 123 grams of crack cocaine
Approximately 123 grams of crack cocaine
Approximately 123 grams of crack cocaine
Approximately 123 grams of crack cocaine

Please note all information below occurred within the time period above, unless otherwise noted.

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Investigative Recap

February 13: La Ronge RCMP received a report of a possible scam in the name of RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki (see attached documents) which was received via email. We are notifying the public of the existence of this scam and confirming it is NOT legitimate. If you receive a scam with the attached information, delete it immediately. Do not reply. Always check the legitimacy of the sender or sending address before opening or responding to/acting on correspondence received. You'll notice in the 'From' it has "RCMP" incorrect.

February 14: Drone, knives, firearms, drugs located after vehicle search

February 15: Saskatchewan RCMP Indigenous Recruiting Unit hosts first of its kind three-day recruiting session for Indigenous applicants

February 15: Meadow Lake RCMP investigating discharge of firearm at residence

February 15: Saskatchewan RCMP South District – Three fatal overdoses in the past week: take precautions

February 16: At approximately 9:15 p.m., Pierceland RCMP received a report of an armed robbery on Deer Lake Trail in Pierceland, SK. Investigation determined an adult male and an adult female were parked in an SUV at the roadside, when two other vehicles approached them. The adult male exited the SUV. There was an altercation between him and individuals in the other vehicles. A firearm was discharged and the male was injured. The SUV was then stolen. The male and female were able to walk away and call for help. The male was treated at the hospital for injuries described as non-life-threatening.

Pierceland RCMP immediately began searching for the suspects, with the assistance of Loon Lake RCMP. Later that evening, they located one of the suspect vehicles on Island Lake First Nation and arrested the three occupants. Officers located and seized two prohibited firearms, ammunition, bear spray and a machete in the vehicle. As a result of further investigation, Pierceland RCMP arrested two additional individuals on February 17. The stolen SUV was recovered on Mudie Lake First Nation.

29-year-old Keshia Crookedneck from Pierceland; 30-year-old Geoffrey Lewis from Island Lake First Nation; 33-year-old Harold Mitsuing, Jr. from Island Lake First Nation; 23-year-old Andrew Opikokew from Big Island Lake Cree Territory; and 31-year-old Elliott Piche from Mudie Lake are each charged with:

  • one count, robbery, Section 344, Criminal Code;
  • one count, discharge firearm with intent, Section 244, Criminal Code;
  • one count, discharge firearm while being reckless, Section 244.2(3), Criminal Code;
  • one count, aggravated assault, Section 268(2), Criminal Code;
  • two counts, unlicensed possession of a restricted firearm, Section 95(2), Criminal Code;
  • one count, possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, Section 94(2), Criminal Code;
  • one count, pointing a firearm, Section 87(2), Criminal Code;
  • one count, unsafe storage of a firearm, Section 87(2), Criminal Code; and
  • one count, possession of a firearm when knowing possession is unauthorized, Section 92(3)(a), Criminal Code.

Keshia Crookedneck, Geoffrey Lewis and Andrew Opikokew are each also charged with three counts, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, Section 88(2), Criminal Code. Harold Mitsuing, Jr. is also charged with one count, weapons possession contrary to order, Section 117.01(3), Criminal Code and four counts, fail to comply with release order condition, Section 145(5)(a), Criminal Code. Elliott Piche is also charged with two counts, fail to comply with release order condition, Section 145(5)(a), Criminal Code.

Andrew Opikokew, Elliott Piche, Geoffrey Lewis and Harold Mitsuing, Jr. are scheduled to appear in Meadow Lake Provincial Court on March 1, 2023. Keshia Crookedneck is scheduled to appear in court in Pierceland on March 14, 2023.

Saskatchewan RCMP's North Battleford General Investigation Section and Forensic Identification Services assisted in this ongoing investigation. Anyone with information should call their local RCMP detachment by dialling 310-RCMP. Information can also be submitted anonymously by contacting Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or

February 17: Beauval RCMP conducted a traffic stop on a suspect vehicle travelling south of Beauval at approximately 3:20 p.m. The vehicle and the occupants were believed to be involved in an ongoing drug investigation. Once the identities of the vehicle occupants were confirmed, the 41-year-old female driver and the 41-year-old male passenger were arrested on scene. A subsequent search of the vehicle by Beauval RCMP resulted in officers locating approximately 123 grams of crack cocaine. The driver of the vehicle provided a roadside breath sample and failed. The vehicle was towed and impounded. As a result of this investigation, Kim Wolverine and Frankie Bouvier, were each charged with one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine, section 5(2) of the CDSA. Wolverine faces an additional charge of impaired operation exceeding 80 mgs while operating a motor vehicle, contrary to Section 320.14(1)(a) of the Criminal Code. Both Wolverine and Bouvier are scheduled to make their first court appearance on March 15, 2023, in Beauval. Photos of the seized items are attached.

February 17: On February 14, 2023, 42-year-old Trent Zeller from Pennant, SK, was arrested after being located passed out in a running vehicle stopped in a residential area in Swift Current. As a result of subsequent investigation and a search of the vehicle by Swift Current Municipal RCMP and the Saskatchewan Trafficking Response Team (STRT), officers located quantities of suspected fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, other drugs, quantities of cash and a drug paraphernalia. Zeller is charged with: four counts, possession for the purpose of trafficking (fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine and benzodiazepines), Section 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and one count, possession of proceeds of crime under $5,000.00, Section 354(1)(a) of the Criminal Code. He appeared in Swift Current Provincial Court February 15, 2023.

February 17: Nipawin RCMP seeks public assistance locating wanted people

February 18: Greenwater-Rose Valley RCMP is asking the public for their assistance in identifying the driver of a snowmobile involved in a hit and run. On Saturday, February 18, 2022, at approximately 3:30 p.m., a collision occurred during the Archerwill Snowmobile Derby on a trail located west of Barrier Lake, SK. An unknown rider collided with the victim, launching the victim off their snowmobile and causing the victim's snowmobile to roll. The 47-year-old victim suffered what were reported to be minor injuries, although their helmet and snowmobile were damaged in the collision (photos attached). The victim did not require medical assistance. The unknown rider did not remain at the scene of the collision. Initial information gathered by police indicated the unknown rider may have been riding on a black skidoo. At this time, police believe there were other riders who were nearby when the collision happened, who also did not stop.

If you know who the unknown individual is, or have information about who may have also been involved in this collision, please contact the Greenwater RCMP at 306-322-2550. Information can also be submitted anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or

Joint law enforcement leads to seizure of 100,000 unstamped cigarettes, 2,040 grams of marijuana, 386 grams of cocaine and 124 grams of hash

On February 3, at approximately 9:00 a.m., Wakaw RCMP were on the look out for a suspect vehicle involved in an impaired driving and Tobacco Tax Act investigation.

Later that day, an officer with the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle on Highway 11 near Hague, SK. During the traffic stop, the vehicle fled in a dangerous manner and a pursuit of the vehicle was terminated to reduce the risk of impacting the safety of other motorists.

The vehicle and plate information were shared with Wakaw RCMP due to the proximity of the suspect vehicle's anticipated direction of travel.

As Wakaw officers actively patrolled the area for the suspect vehicle, a separate report was received from a local farmer of items being thrown onto a field on Highway 312 east of Rosthern. The vehicle involved matched the description from the earlier Saskatchewan Highway Patrol traffic stop.

Wakaw officers searched the field and located a duffel bag full of suspected narcotics and a number of sealed cardboard boxes full of unstamped cigarettes.

While on scene, Wakaw officers located the suspect vehicle parked in the distance.

Wakaw RCMP conducted a traffic stop and the driver of the vehicle was arrested without incident.

A search of the vehicle and the field resulted in the seizure of 100,000 unstamped cigarettes, 2,040 grams of marijuana, 386 grams of cocaine and 124 grams of hash.

29-year-old Cody Evans from Prince Albert, SK, has been charged with:

Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, contrary to Sec. 320.13(1) of the Criminal Code;

  • Flight from police contrary to Sec. 320.17 of the Criminal Code;
  • Possession of unstamped tobacco contrary Sec. 121.1(1) of the Criminal Code;
  • 3 counts, Possession for the purpose of trafficking contrary to Sec.5(2) CDSA; and
  • 1 count, Possess unstamped tobacco contrary to Sec. 32(1) of the Customs and Excise Act.

Cody Evans is scheduled to appear in court in Rosthern Provincial Court on April 26, 2023.

"This is investigation is an example of the success of collaboration between the Saskatchewan RCMP and our provincial partners," says Sgt. Adam Von Niessen, Wakaw Detachment Commander. "Quick communication is necessary to ensure we can intervene the distribution of illicit drugs in our communities and keep the people we serve, safe."

Incidents in Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction February 13 to 19, 2023

Please note: the statistics below are representative of reports received within the Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction. They are from the RCMP records management system and are accurate as the day they are collected. Crime statistics are regularly updated due to changes in reporting procedures, changes in ongoing investigations, etc. As a result, the statistics below may differ from previous or future published reports.

Divisional Operational Communications Centre (does not include calls for service by the public directly to local RCMP detachments)

Calls for service total 5809
Highest volume of calls for service was on February 18, 2023 1006
Reports of Impaired Drivers (RID calls) 47
Persons Offences (number of incidents, not victims)
Homicide 0
Homicides year to date (January, 2023 to last day encompassed in this report) 3
Sexual assaults 24
Sexual crime - other (invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference) 8
Aggravated Assault 5
Assault 158
Assault with weapon or cauing bodily harm 56
Robbery 4
Firearms (use of in the commission of an offence, discharge with intent, pointing a firearm) 8
Kidnapping/forcible confinement 5
Harassment/uttering threats 118
Other persons offences (domestic or family dispute, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, extortion with firearm, mischief – danger to life, etc.) 20
Property Offences
Break and Enter Total 94
Number of break and enters to a business 16
Number of break and enters to a residence 54
Number of other break and enters (encompasses sheds, storage containers, unattached garages, etc.) 24
Theft Total 187
Other theft over $5,000 23
Theft $5,000 or under 131
Number of theft of motor vehicle 33
Mischief 485
Number of mischief - damage to property 98
Number of mischief - obstruct enjoyment of property (example: unwanted, intoxicated person at a residence) 387
Other Criminal Code Offences
Bail violations 166
Breach of probation 27
Failure to appear 26
Disturbing the peace 114

Reports of intimate partner and family violence

  • Time period reported is quarterly.
  • Data represents number of victims, as there may be more than one victim on a specific investigative file. An individual victimized more than once in a timeframe would be counted more than once. Due to common relationship types in intimate and family violence categories, totals should not be combined.
  • Intimate partner refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), current and former dating partner, or someone with whom the victim was in another type of intimate relationship.
  • Family violence refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), parents (biological, step, adoptive and foster), children (biological, step, adopted and foster), siblings (biological, step, half, adopted and foster) and extended family members (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and in-laws).
October 2022
Intimate partner violence 404
Family violence 416
November 2022
Intimate partner violence 320
Family violence 323
December 2022
Intimate partner violence 338
Family violence 408
Total intimate partner violence October-December, 2022 1062
Total family violence October-December, 2022 1147
Impaired-related offences 72
Number of roadside suspensions 8
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle 19
Speeding (this does not include automated speed enforcement fines issued) 1285
Fines issued 834
Warnings issued (education-focused interaction between police and public) 451
Collisions 140
Dangerous driving 8
Fatal collisions (number of incidents, not victims) 1

Non-offence Codes (generally, instances where Criminal Codes or Provincial/Federal Statutes aren't broken – for example abandoned vehicles, animal calls, school visits, property or wellbeing checks, etc.)

Assistance 289
False alarms 164
Breach of peace 137
911 Act – other activities 182
Suspicious person/vehicle/property 181
Mental health act (generally, police officers responding to reports of persons thinking about suicide, or people with mental illness and requiring assistance): 168

Non-suspicious sudden deaths/Coroner's Act (Every non-suspicious sudden death police officers respond to including reports of persons who died by suicide, natural, accident or undetermined. Specific breakdowns by cause of death are unavailable.)



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