RCMP Change Initiatives

On October 6, 2016, the RCMP announced a settlement in two harassment litigations. In keeping with its commitment to continue to improve the organization, the RCMP has implemented several initiatives:

National and divisional advisory committees

National and divisional advisory committees – composed of eight to 12 members (including management), representative of the diverse composition of the RCMP – have been formed to advise the Commissioner and divisional commanding officers on issues related to gender, sexual orientation, harassment, equity and inclusivity. The committees will each issue a public annual report to which the RCMP will publically respond. In this way, the RCMP will remain transparent and accountable to the committees, members, employees and Canadians on gender, sexual orientation, harassment, equity and inclusivity.

Troop 17 Scholarship

The RCMP's Troop 17 Scholarship, named in honour of the RCMP's first troop of women to be hired as regular members, will be awarded yearly to deserving full-time college or university students to recognize their anti-harassment efforts in their schools and/or communities. Up to five scholarships in the amount of $1000 will be awarded annually to full-time college or university students.

Applications will be reviewed by the national advisory committee, the recommendations of which will be forwarded to the RCMP Commissioner for approval.

Other initiatives

  • Improve communication of harassment and promotion policies
  • Mandatory anti-harassment training in the cadet program
  • Continue recruitment initiatives to meet targets of 30% women in regular member positions and 30% women in executive and officer positions by 2025

All of these initiatives further build on the RCMP's broad efforts that support a respectful and inclusive workplace such as:

  • Mental health strategy and action plan
  • Respectful workplace training
  • Informal conflict management program
  • Violence prevention policy
  • Centralized office for the coordination of harassment complaints
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