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As part of the Government of Canada's Government on Line initiative, RCMP forms are being provided for use by the Canadian public through this website.

  • RCMP GRC 1980 (PDF)
    Suitability Screening Form

  • RCMP GRC 2180 (PDF)
    Vision Examination of Applicant

  • RCMP GRC 2706 (PDF)
    Registration Request

  • RCMP GRC 3165 (PDF)
    Friends and Associates Suitability Screening

  • RCMP GRC 6509 (PDF)
    RM Applicant Hearing Examination Report

  • RCMP GRC 3567 (PDF)
    National Scholarship Program Application

  • RCMP GRC 3774 (PDF)
    Request for Analysis of Non-Court File Submissions

  • RCMP GRC 3919 (PDF)
    Harassment Complaint (for RCMP employees/internal use only)

  • RCMP GRC 3953 (PDF)
    Request to Purge Absolute and/or Conditional Discharge

  • RCMP GRC 4553 (PDF)
    Obligations of Registrant - National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR)

  • RCMP GRC 5096 (PDF)
    Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire - Pre-employment Suitability, Reliability and Security Polygraph Interview and Examination

  • RCMP GRC 5118 (PDF)
    Local Registration Authority (LRA) Training Request

  • RCMP GRC 5186 (PDF)
    Memorial Memento Application

  • RCMP GRC ED 6218 (PDF)
    Application for Employment - BC RCMP 9-1-1 Police Dispatcher

  • RCMP GRC ED 6222 (PDF)
    Medical Information Reference - BC RCMP 9-1-1 Police Dispatcher

  • RCMP GRC 6378 (PDF)
    National Police Information Services Advisory Board (NPIS AB) Agenda Item Submission

  • RCMP GRC 6437 (PDF)
    Statement of Appeal

  • RCMP GRC 6439 (PDF)
    Grievance Presentation

  • RCMP GRC 6440 (PDF)
    Informal Resolution Outcome

  • RCMP GRC 6465 (PDF)
    Acknowledgement of Professional Responsibilities in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • RCMP GRC 6513 (PDF)
    Troop 17 Scholarship Application

  • RCMP GRC 6514 (PDF)
    Troop 17 Scholarship Reference

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