2018 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - Newfoundland and Labrador (B Division)


  • On 2018 January 19, "B" Division's GHAC held its first meeting. The committee did not make any recommendations.
  • The committee did identify three issues within the Division that could be applicable to the mandate of the committee:
  • Changing culture and attitudes among the general membership so that workplace conversations are professional, respectful and that it does not deteriorate into "locker-room" type discussions was discussed.
  • With respect to offending behaviours, it is often perceived that there needs to be "someone" offended, and in many cases there is. However, it is easier to "go along to get along", and that pointing out offending behaviour may single a person out for even greater chance of ridicule. Leaders need to lead and to take charge of a situation before it goes "offside", without the need for anyone to have to be an "official victim" of an offensive behaviour.
  • "Closing the loop" is important as well. This means if a supervisor has a conversation with an employee whose behaviour was considered inappropriate, that those who may have been offended are made aware of the action taken. Often a supervisor may ask that they be left to "deal with the issue", and no further information on what action was done is known.

Current status

  • "B" Division is planning a face to face meeting with committee members on April 12, 2018.

Next steps

  • Committee members are keen to understand their role and how the RCMP will implement this committee.

Prepared by: D.S.(Doug) Pack, Sergeant Major "B" Division
Secretariat to the Committee
Approved by: P. Clark, Assistant Commissioner

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