2019 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - V Division


Meetings held in 2018:

  • 2018/04/13
  • 2018/12/12


  • Provide advice to the Commanding Officer on gender, sexual orientation harassment, equity, and inclusivity.
  • Provide a vehicle through which the Commanding Officer is advised of developments with respect to workplace harassment.

Current status

  • Committee email address created and disseminated to division introducing committee and explaining avenues for reporting and discussions.
  • Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) rolled out to the Senior Management Team along with Supervisors across the division.
  • Waiting for next committee meeting.

Next steps

  • The committee is working on including Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (GHAC) and Peer-to-Peer information in the divisional newsletter.
  • Finalize divisional goals for committee.


None at this time

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