2020 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - V Division


Meeting held 2019-12-09. Committee re-invigorated with new goals and priorities. Committee meetings to be held on regular basis.


  • Provide advice to the Commanding Officer on gender, sexual orientation harassment, equity, and inclusivity.
  • Provide a vehicle through which the Commanding Officer is advised of developments with respect to workplace harassment.

Current status

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) Program initiated and expanded within the Division. There are approximately 10 trained P2P members in the Division
  • P2P has taken on the initiative to screen Situational Reports to proactively reach out to those individuals who may need additional supports. The initiative has been well received by the membership.
  • Committee actively working to increase communications to the Membership.
  • Working with the family of Sgt. Robert David Van Norman, who was a victim of The Purge. He was a proud Mountie and was until the day he passed. His career was based in the Eastern Artic where he made a profound mark on the Inuit he connected with.
  • With funds received from The Purge Settlement, the family is working with us to have a memorial fabricated and displayed in the V Division HQ Building. Along with the memorial, the family has donated several of the individual's personal items to be displayed.

Next steps

  • Continue to work with family of Sgt. Robert David Van Norman to ensure that his dedication to the Force and Inuit is respectfully memorialized.
  • Continue to increase committee visibility within Division.


None at this time.

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