2021 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - L Division


  • Due to COVID no meetings were held in 2020


  • To continue to create an harassment free and inclusive work environment, and understanding of diverse communities we serve.

Current Status

  • The committee did not hold any meetings due to COVID 19 as well as departure of several committee members and inability to fill positions based on criteria. Initiatives from other committees and initiatives include:
    • Employee engagement and support provided through peer to peer and senior management for those effected by COVID 19. Recognition of value of work from home by largely female employees. Best work from anywhere.
    • Support and engagement with Atlantic Women in Law Enforcement – webinars supported concerning mental health and wellness.
    • Support and distribution of information and online courses from CCDI.
    • Change in language in ToR and name of CO's Diversity Advisory Committee; ongoing selection of representative of broader diverse communities including LGBTQ2+ community.
    • Peer to peer preparation and support for those impacted by release of Merlo Davidson settlement.
    • Support and commitment to Cultural Awareness and Humility Training.

Next Steps

  • To re-establish new representation on the L Division GHAC to be linked with Employee Advisory Committee.


  • Nil
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