Hosting the Musical Ride

The Musical Ride is a family event that brings communities together from coast-to-coast-to-coast. There's nothing more Canadian than a performance of this world famous troop.

This great event also gives back to the communities who host it, helping raise money for local charities and non-profits.

Types of Musical Ride performances

When the Musical Ride is a feature at a festival, fair or horse show, it can be part of a series of events.

Keep in mind:

  • When the Musical Ride is the main event, it should always be the last performance
  • Any performances before the Musical Ride should last no longer than 1 hour
  • Performances before the Musical Ride can't damage the ground of the show site

You can host 1 of 2 types of Musical Ride performances.

Community-based performances (within Canada)

Non-profit and charitable organizations host these Musical Ride performances. The Musical Ride is the main event. O rganizers can schedule extra local entertainment to add to the event. The event host may sell tickets for the performance to recover costs and to support its cause.

Cost-recovery performances (internationally)

The Musical Ride has performed at large venues both in Canada and around the world, including the United States, England, Germany, and Switzerland. It can perform at large fairs, exhibitions, horse shows and more, either as the feature show or additional entertainment.

Organizers assume 100 per cent of incremental costs for events outside of Canada, including:

  • travel
  • accommodation
  • per diem expenses

We'll provide an estimate of all costs.

We may need help with cost-recovery performances at large international events within Canada. This depends on various factors, including which provinces are on the tour schedule.

Contact the Musical Ride tour planner at for more information.

Discover the Ride

Host requirements and pre-tour information

Please review all host requirements and pre-tour information carefully before applying. Selected hosts will receive an emailed package of information from the tour planner. This package will help you prepare to host the Musical Ride, related to:

  • stabling for the horses
  • horse feed and bedding
  • pre-show warm-up location
  • day-of logistics
    • washrooms
    • spectator seating
    • parking
    • safety and security


Accessibility features should be in place for spectators.

For an outdoor Musical Ride performance, you need a grass, sand or dirt surface that's at least 120 feet by 220 feet. You'll need to cordon off this space with yellow nylon rope. The site should also be level and clear of any holes, debris or obstacles.

Sample show site

Sample show site. Text version below.
Sample show site - Text version
  • Typical arena size: 120' × 220'
  • To be cordoned off by host organizer with rope or solid banners
  • VIP Seating (seating to be discussed with the pre-tour planner)
  • ¼ Markers are placed by the Musical Ride 2 hours prior to the performance
  • 10 feet safety zone between the markers and the exterior borders
  • 15' opening for the entrance door

For an indoor performance, the ideal surface size is 100 feet by 200 feet (the minimum is 85 feet by 185 feet). If using a hockey arena, you need to cover the floor with at least 7 inches of packed sand, dirt or stone dust.

You'll also need to provide:

  • washroom facilities for members
  • a water source with a garden hose connection
  • 36 stalls for the horses (plus 2 extras if available)
  • a local large animal veterinarian who's available in case of emergency
  • a 15 amp outlet for power source to the Musical Ride equipment trailer
  • an adequate manure disposal site at the rear or side of the stable facility
  • electrical and lighting panel that access for the lights where the horses are stabled

Please note: The Musical Ride travels with 45 personnel, which includes:

  • 1 farrier
  • 1 bus driver
  • 4 contracted truck drivers
  • 39 members of the RCMP

We'll pay for their travel, salary, accommodation, and meal costs.

The Musical Ride also travels with 4 tractor trailer units, each measuring about 72 feet long and weighing around 70,000 pounds. You are responsible for securing a space large enough to fit these trailers. This includes space next to the stables for the equipment/tack trailer with an electrical outlet.

You're also responsible for organizing logistics for the performance, stabling and feed costs for the horses.

Applying to host the Musical Ride

To apply to host the Musical Ride, we request that you submit your interest online at least 1 year in advance. We may consider submissions after this point if the schedule allows us to fill gaps to complete the tour.

The Musical Ride tour planner will then create a file with your request. As your main contact throughout the process of preparing to host the Ride, the tour planner will:

  • answer any questions you have
  • provide a presentation on the logistics of the performance
  • tour the show site with you to ensure everything is ready, including:
    • warm-up area
    • performance grounds
    • parking
  • work with you to determine the suitable dates for your event and the requirements of each tour year

As a designated host, you'll then work with your community to organize the show. You can get local support to help with covering the costs of:

  • stabling
  • selling tickets
  • feeding the horses
  • the performance (subject to certain conditions)

All remaining profits can go to the charity or non-profit organization of your choosing. Please note the Musical Ride does n't sell merchandise or tickets to performances. We 'll provide a member for media interviews or promoti on, subject to availability.

We take care of all other logistics such as pre-tour site inspection and presentation .

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