Report corruption

Bribery and corruption have an impact on our society, economy, health and safety in all sorts of ways. Corrupt practices increase the costs of goods and services. This means that every single Canadian is a potential victim.

Contact your local police if you know about an act of corruption that involves:

  • businesses
  • municipal or provincial government employees
  • municipal or provincial government institutions

Report it to the RCMP at if it involves:

  • Canadian businesses offering bribes to foreign officials
  • Canadian federal government employees or institutions
  • businesses dealing with the federal government
  • companies operating outside of Canada

Self-reporting corruption allegations for businesses

Businesses who self-report allegations of corruption may be able to avoid criminal convictions.

To self-report a corruption allegation, your lawyer should contact a law enforcement agency. This process is voluntary, so you don't have to identify yourself to law enforcement until you're satisfied with the process.

For inquiries or self reporting, contact the RCMP National Division Intake Unit:


Report suspected fraud, collusion, corruption or unethical behaviour in Government of Canada contracting.

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