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Know suicide

Need help now?

If you are in crisis or having suicidal thoughts, take action:


Suicide is the intentional act of ending one's life. When someone attempts to end their life, it often means that person needs help with an issue that is affecting their daily life. We need to look after one another by reaching out and offering support. Treatable problems like clinical depression and anxiety disorders can lead to suicidal thinking, which may put someone at more risk. Although the problems can be serious, most people who receive appropriate treatment improve or recover completely.

Risk factors, signs and symptoms

Some risk factors, signs and symptoms include:

  • threatens to harm themselves
  • has history of previous suicide attempts
  • expresses a plan to kill themselves
  • angry, highly agitated, sad or depressed
  • dependent upon drugs or alcohol
  • hopeless, helpless
  • having problems at work or home
  • socially isolated, withdrawn
  • increased risk-taking behavior
  • problems with sleep, appetite or weight

Take action — ALBRA model

  • Ask — the individual directly if they are contemplating suicide
  • Listen — to what they have to say
  • Believe — what the individual says and take all threats seriously
  • Reassure — the person help is available
  • Act immediately — make contact with others to ensure the person is safe and not left alone