2018 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - Manitoba (D Division)


Initial Meeting: 2018.01.26

Item #1 - Return to work from maternity leave

  • Discussions on how it can be difficult for female members to return to work after being off­ duty for 18 month period. Further discussions to be held on establishing a process that will aid these members in their return to work.

Item #2 - Workplace Harassment

  • Discussion on how an employee may not understand that their actions and words may be harassing to others.
  • Efforts need to be made to educating all employees on what actions and words constitute harassment and unacceptable behaviour.
  • Importance for messaging to recognize generational differences.

Item #3 - Inclusivity

  • Recognize the growing efforts to educate others in the area of Indigenous perceptions.
  • Cultural awareness needs to be expanded in educating others on other cultural groups with our society.

Current Status

  • Work to establish benchmarks regarding current and future goals and priorities.
  • Assess effectiveness of current training methodology.
  • Establish proactive awareness messaging in relation to harassment issues.
  • Education regarding difference between harassment, workplace conflict, and performance issues.

Next steps

  • Next meeting will be set for May, 2018, to discuss and advance both national and provincial matters.

Prepared by: S/Sgt. Brian A. Edmonds,
Approved by: A/Commr. Scott Kolody

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