2020 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - L Division


Due to resourcing issues and transfers the Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (GHAC) did not meet in 2019. Education had been identified as a priority of the committee.


Education and engagement, increase membership and participation in the committee.

Current status

  • The committee reduced to two members in 2019. In 2019 activities were carried forward and took place based on earlier recommendations from the committee and others who were not on committee.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion week activities scheduled: Positive Space Presentations (2) - focused on acceptance and inclusion, Introduction to Sweat Lodge by Mi 'Kmaq elder, presentation by Special Olympics Athlete.
  • Participation in PRIDE week activities.
  • Support for member to attend Atlantic women in law enforcement (AWLE) conference - including Kim Dudley (member of GHAC). 2020 conference for AWLE will be held in PEI. The theme of the conference is Kindred Spirits - focused on inclusion, reconciliation, building resiliency, law enforcement, as well as other developmental areas.

Next step

With the assistance of the Action, Innovation and Modernization (AIM) office, call out for applications for L Division GHAC.


None at this time.

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