2021 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - J Division


  • 2020-01-23, GHAC modernized the J Division Harassment and Respectful workplace Communication Document — Reviewed by our Strategic Communications Unit and provided to the Division.


  • Promote a healthy workforce through targeted prevention, intervention and support.

Current Status

  • J Division has implemented objective within the 2021/2022 Annual Performance Plan.
  • J Division has assigned an initiative owner to ensure accountability.
  • J Division has drafted actions steps and performance measures in line with objective.

Next Steps (2021)

  • As the end of the original GHAC member's three-year membership term has ended. J Division is awaiting the new membership list from National to introduce committee members to the committee's purpose and objectives and establish activities that will ensure to meet our objectives.
  • Engage committee members as well as introduce APP objectives.
  • Committee to provide recommendations to enhance morale, leadership, supervision and healthy workplaces to ensure employee concerns are raised to the highest level and to identify risk factors within our policing environment.
  • Align GHAC with Peer to Peer initiatives.


  • J Division wishes to recommend the implementation of quarterly National GHAC teleconferences to provide for guidance, best practices, upcoming changes and updates on the Vision 150 initiatives - Promote healthy and respectful workplace culture.
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