2021 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - M Division


2020-10-20: discussion with Commanding Officer and A/OIC A&P: regarding the various committees, meetings and membership(s)

2020-10-21: decision(s) made by Commanding Officer: the Division Executive will have GHAC as a standing item/agenda item

2020-10-27: presentation to Divisional Executive Committee/Council: background of GHAC, Terms of Reference, committee membership and process going forward

2020-10-29: DEC minutes solidifies endorsed way forward and records action items


Ms. Rousseau presented the group with a Powerpoint presentation which provided an overview of the divisional and national GHA committee. She spoke about:

  • The authority and mandate: Our duty is to advise on issues and provide recommendations we hear from our coworkers to the CO. The authority lies with our Commanding Officer, who in turn will advise the committee of the recommendation and decision.
  • The annual schedule (no less than 2 meetings a year) and yearly reporting.
  • Items for consideration: communications both internal and external, standing item on DEC agenda and its timing, participation from other colleagues to establish valuable and meaningful input, administration of content.
  • The CO confirmed that it will be important to socialize ideas and have discussions.
  • Ms. Rousseau in consultation with [Director of Communications], will send internal communication to all employees about the Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee, its role as well as how to bring forward issues to be discussed during the meeting (Peer to Peer Group, a trusted colleague, Senior Management Team).

Current Status

  • This year's pandemic circumstances have further impacted our low attendance to committee meetings. Commanding Officer's decision to move recommendations sought and received to our senior decision body will ensure the terms of reference and mandated action items are met. DEC has met since afore noted date and continue to bring any issues, concerns or recommendations related to Gender/Harassment.

Next Steps

Goal: conversations and identifying issues and if there is a need for more information following meetings with other employees; report back on actions (team meetings, informing employees of the roles and responsibilities of committee.

  • Reporting will be derived from the minutes of the MDIV Divisional Executive Committee (DEC)
  • Recommendations can be brought forward at each DEC meeting, there is not a limit however there are time lines to follow.
  • Record of Decision(s) are to be recorded using the template supplied
  • Consensus for recommendations is welcome however the final authority is delegated to our Commanding Officer
  • All recommendations are to be recorded using the template supplied
  • File number for all documentation related to GHAC, either electronic or otherwise, is Ml 95 — 26 —6— I Vol. I


Verbal recommendation provided to DEC:

  • Communications' (internal and external)
  • Standing item on DEC agenda and it's timing
  • Participation from other colleagues to establish valuable and meaningful input
  • Administration of content
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