2021 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - V Division


  • Meeting held 2020-05-13. Committee received a presentation from Cpl Mezdour Abdelmalek on the 7 prioritized initiatives identified by the Commissioner's National Gender and Harassment Committee. Discussed old business, increasing female members within the division and identifying barriers faced by females looking to serve in V Division. Discussed new business, addressing duty to accommodate with Inuit members and positive space initiatives through an Inuit lens.
  • Meeting held 2020-12-11. Welcomed 4 new members to the committee. Two members could not attend due to work. Discussed the Merlo-Davidson recommendations and made commitment to bring forward recommendations to CO on how V Division can meet some of the Merlo-Davidson recommendations. A division wide survey was discussed. Committee members to bring forward questions for the survey and purpose.


  • Provide advice to the Commanding Officer on gender, sexual orientation harassment, equity and inclusivity.
  • Provide a vehicle through which the Commanding Officer is advised of developments with respect to workplace harassment.

Current status

  • Committee has suffered from a loss of half of it's committee members through transfers. Took some time for the naming of 4 new members.

Next steps

  • Will be working to address the Merlo-Davidson recommendations for 2021.
  • Will be addressing improved communication with V Division employees through the info-web and email account.


  • None
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